I’m a self-directed jill-of-all-trades with an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of human-centered design.


I know how to manage complex, ambiguous projects, and can lead a multi-disciplinary team through the product development process from start to finish. 

What I do, specifically

Over my 8+ years in digital, I have developed a diverse range of skills including product management, user research, interaction design, content strategy, and visual design. My ability to view a product through these various contexts helps to ensure the delivery of a quality digital experience. 

Product management

Roadmaps, prioritizing work, writing user stories, etc. 

Product strategy

Distilling business goals, user needs, and opportunities into a product’s reason for being over both the long term and near term. I have independently created and collaborated on many product strategies at Huge over the years.

Concept development

A big part of what I’ve done at Huge is bring a product strategy to life through compelling mockups of varying fidelity.

User experience

User journeys, wireframes, information architecture, content strategy in various forms—you name it, I can check most everything off in the UX bucket.

User research

I’ve independently designed and conducted research using a variety of qualitative methodologies, including but not limited to: contextual inquiry, card sorting, and  in-depth interviews. I’ve contributed to ethnographic studies and focus groups.

Areas of interest

I’ve always had a soft spot for the public sector—healthcare, government, education—areas with which people have to interact, but have never really worked quite right on the digital front. 

I’m also a fangirl of Thaler and behavioral economics. His findings on how real people interact with money have always intrigued me. Who wouldn't appreciate a slight nudge to save more money or to make smarter decisions when borrowing?

Like most folks in this field, no matter what the project may be, I strive to leverage technology to the best of its ability in order to make people’s lives just a little bit better.